How to Make Resume More Attractive to Employers

Resume was selected on eligibility, length of work experience, education, grammar, spelling, etc but the main reason for re-election, most job seekers. While I was in human resources consultant and a big puzzle for me for years. So, let’s discover how to make resume is selected.

After examination of the 107 HR experts and decision makers will continue, and one of the most common reasons is to choose a candidate in an interview that it will continue or the letter that I felt good. I remember that it is illogical. You can still feel, or letter?

Since I’ve heard many companies say the same. I wanted to know what feels really good. Since my position that I had access to confidential employees in many companies, I began to delve into the personal file. I read in print and digital and back to the letters of all employees of the company. I also read the candidates selected for interviews. In other words, those who succeed although there are exceptions, I found that, regardless of status or the company is surprisingly similar.

* This letter was cleverly designed with a record of performance and measurable results through the power of words to gain points. These candidates were selected for the employers who want their skills.

* All programs are full but if there is not close to perfection. Not everyone has perfect spelling and grammar, although only a few errors. Most were perfect, and errors were only one or two, seemed to be the misprint. She said that mistakes do not feel good for employers. Error shows carelessness and lack of attention to detail.

* This is a small detail that, may, of course, excellent results: more than 91% of all applicants include information on your resume, cover letter and application and the data are consistent exactly the same name, address, phone numbers and e-mails from three documents.

Instead, my analysis was that the total number of contacts consistent and accurate job-seekers of all these documents should be less than 27 percent. This means that more than 70 percent of job seekers not contain all the contact details of all documents or they are contradictory. I understand that this information can change a candidate’s resume and fill out an application form for the company, but the numbers are in the nose. Employers know the person who appears to be consistent and stable.

* Many of these candidates to take in any way with the language of business and position in the industry. Cantata “extra mile” to look and it was obvious. It captures the mood and the company industry jargon vocabulary. These selected programs felt good! Atmosphere that reflects the company or the industry in a style appropriate to your destination.

Note: these language destinations. However, about one-third of the elected representatives will not be stopped.

* Writing is easy to read format was clean, generally used no more than two fonts and two font sizes. Rumors of colors and graphics, but was an attractive and easy to read.

* Nearly all the candidates shared the letter with a point. Many of the letters from people of whom most were short (four short paragraphs or less), and more than half of all call to action. These candidates vocabulary in a convincing manner, the attention and interest, stimulate desire, and invoke the action.

* This is simple, but important. If the original work is published in the file that is attached or available on membership. Most of the candidates are listed on all or nearly all the skills and attributes required by the employer parties. He said that the chances are that most of these job seekers is at least in its operation on the work by the publication of the employer. Congratulations to them. If the candidate has skills employers are looking for is a factor that makes a person feel good.