Dental Assistant Resume: Be Effective and Stand out to Increase Accepted Chance

Dental assistant resume needs medical knowledge and ability to handle work at clinic or hospital.

If your study field is not related to medical then you better not apply and make dental assistant resume. But you still can apply for others position if available.

Just make an effective resume according to a specific job position you are applying for. You can’t use dental assistant resume for apply for housekeeping position at dental clinic. But if you have knowledge on medical, it will make your more benefited asset than applicant on the same position.

Things to covers in dental assistant resume

Be specific

* You should mention what position you are applying for.

Contact information

* Should be your full name.

* Permanent address and mailing address (if different). It must be reachable.

* Home phone number and cell phone. You may add your parent contact or others in case it can reach you.

* Insert email address would be a good idea.


* List all your degree along with name, city, state, degree, major, start date, graduate date and GPA. You can make as list and give more details on each one.


Just lists out any full-time and part-time job experience that related to medical work.


Lists out any activities you are attended. If you can attach certification along with, it would be good.


You may include some recommendation latter from your supervisor or anyone you know that works in medical field. It will be a strong backup, make your resume look good and look more recommendation to be selected.

Things should avoid on dental assistant resume

If you write dental assistant resume yourself then these thing should not be there in your dental assistant resume.

Wrong contact address and contact number

Check it out carefully and make sure you include extra contact address in case your recent place is just temporary or renting.

Giving the wrong place or unreachable address/ contact number will make your chance of getting the job become 0%.

No type errors

You may be to rush on creating dental assistant resume with in short time. Be sure this is not grammar error and any miss spelling. Errors are a big mistake in any resume and it will not let you pass check.

Too fancy

Don’t use fancy font, add more color and photo. What you need is be professional. You may add your personal photo only.

In case, you can’t make or don’t know how to make dental assistant resume be attractive, you may hire resume writing service for better outcome.